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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  July 13, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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on to fredericksburg, too, but the one warning right now is still in effect for the area of st. mary's county. you can see how that line has moved well to our south. those are the areas still under a flash flood warning including parts of fairfax county, prince william county, and charles county, and that is until 6:15. look at the amount of rain that has fallen. sunspots have had as much as 2 1/2 inches of rain. 72 degrees in arlington. 2.5 inches of rain. even in this area, about two inches of rain. all of this, though, and i will join you in a few minutes. it will be leading to much more comfortable air in the days ahead. all the details when i join you. >> thank you so much. we're starting to learn more about the storm damage and flooded roads that bob was mentioned we have learned that a tree has fallen on a car. >> that is right.
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ferocious afternoon storm ripped through the region. heavy rain and a tremendous amount of lightning as you can see, on 1300 massachusetts ave. a huge branch off of a massive tree ripped off by the storm crashed onto a passing car. a woman lives on the block says the huge limbs smashed right through the windshield, barely missing and adult female driver by inches. she was shaken up and taken to the hospital, authorities say. let's go to a second piece of video coming in just moments ago. high water in alexandria. as you all know, a lot of rain fell in very short time, and we have a flash flood warnings also just within the last hour in manassas, in burke, and in morgan in the western and southwestern part of the county. fires as they have already responded to one water rescue,
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high water on malcolm x, along with an electrical fire in georgetown. a lot going on because of this nasty storm. >> thanks. we have a situation this afternoon as well for some drivers in vienna. a wall of water came rushing down into traffic there. a number people did make it through the flooding, but for one driver, who says that his car is dependable -- he just did not make it through with water making up -- making it up all the way to his windshield. >> i got a little panic. definitely started to get nervous after a while. after a few minutes of it not being able to start and move, i got out and struggles to get across the street to the other side. >> he is able to tell the tale now. fortunately for him, he is not hurt. his car needs to be looked at after getting stuck in a flash flooding. you can go to our website to see a photo gallery. a 72-year-old man in jail
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tonight after he allegedly locked a woman up and tried to sexually assault her. the alleged incident happened at an employment office on little river turnpike, and it may not be the only us all. >> the alleged victim says the man locked her in a room here last week, forced her to watch pornography, and then tried to sexually assault her. she says when he let her go to with the bathroom, she made a run for it, and police tell us the same thing happen to a different woman here a couple of months ago. >> she says if women watch pornography with their husband they wanted to, but she doubts that ever happens. >> no, no, no. >> fairfax county police arrested her husband. they say he locked it 41-year-
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old woman in a room here, forced her to watch pornography, and tried to assault her. those who work in this building say a steady stream of people looking for jobs come to the world employment agency and say the majority are hispanic. >> police applaud the victim for notifying them. >> actually, she called police right away. >> but they fear there may be other victims who are reluctant to come forward because they're distrustful of authorities. investors did find a woman whom they had a similar experience in may. meanwhile, his wife is convinced the women are making up stories. >> ladies come here. they sometimes make up trouble. >> police urge any woman who may have had an experience here with lead to please come forward. they say the complaints will be thoroughly investigated, and
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their immigration status will not be an issue. >> thank you, steven. tonight, police are investigating what they believe to be a homicide in bowie. john is live with the details. >> this neighborhood, made up of million-dollar homes is filled with prince george's county and maryland state police tonight. the forensic unit is also here trying to piece together this homicide. we can tell you a 44-year-old man was shot and killed inside his own home. police believe the suspect gained entry through an open garage door, but they say this was no random act. >> just before 1:00 this afternoon, residents of this quiet and fairly new neighborhood heard multiple gunshots coming from this home. >> all i know is that the street was blocked off making it difficult for residents to either go in or come out. it is concerning for residents. >> within minutes police arrived and found two mysterious men outside. moments later they found another man dead inside the
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house. >> those two individuals were transported back to the investigation division for interviewing an interrogation. >> police are not saying this was a break-in or robbery but they confirm the victim was targeted. a slew of detectives have been searching for clues and talking to neighbors. police have reason to believe the victim was the homeowner. it appears he was home at the time and just a few rows down, they knew the man. i go running and sometimes see him out at about but he was kind of off to himself a lot, so kind of weird. >> neighbors are left with a lot of unanswered questions at this hour. the man who came to visit his mother next door says the neighborhood prides itself on being crime free. >> i did not know something like that could happen and nobody see nothing. >> police said the two men taken in the questioning are not considered suspects at this hour of your neighbors tell us they did notice a lot of cars
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and we're activity recently at the home including police activity. tonight, police tell us this was not a domestic problem, but again, definitely not random. >> thank you. a major water main break shut down traffic in capitol heights earlier today. the break happened on hampton park are around 9:00 this morning. news choppers 7 was over the scene as the 20-inch main sent water gushing into the street. it took crews about two hours to shut the water off. about 27 customers in all were impacted. >> the son of d.c. councilman marion barry is charged with possession of pcp. the 31-year-old was arrested in his apartment in may after police responded to a noise complaint. officers said they found the drugs in plain sight there. police also say that barry jumped out of the window but later came back to treat an injured foot, and that is when he was arrested. the court hearing is set for later this month. >> 10 years after 9/11, there are still questions about the
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safety of air travel. new numbers from the federal government show there are still weaknesses in the system that could make us vulnerable to another attack. suzanne kennedy in our newsroom with the story. >> these numbers coming out at the height of the summer travel season concerning enough to make some travelers feel insecure about taking to the skies. even with increased back screening and passenger scrutiny, new federal numbers show there are holes in airport security. 25,000 security breaches have taken place in the last decade. that is enough to worry orlando- bound passenger harris about flying. >> i just never know who brings what on the plane. >> the breaches range from 6000 cases where passengers and carry-on luggage were not screen properly to 14,000 incidents where people managed to get in to secure areas of airports. airline industry experts say the breaches are a sign of an overwhelmed system. >> the system has been up for a
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decade now. now's the chance to take a look at it and see whether or not this is the best we can do. >> the tsa says, "we take every security incident seriously and take appropriate action accordingly, which is,tsa keeps close track of all breaches." still, travelers are concerned. >> people are going to break the rules. that is really scary to me. >> hopefully, they are learning and the breaches will become less. >> the tsa says they have problems with the numbers because it -- could be something as simple as someone leaving the bag behind when they go to the restroom. because of the characterization, they say the statistics do not paint an accurate picture of the state of airport security. then a police have arrested a man in a gruesome murder of an 8-year-old brooklyn boy. he was reported missing on monday after he got lost on his
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way home from a can. surveillance video helped lead police to the suspect. police say the little boy asked him for directions, and he took the child to his apartment. when he saw missing coasters, police say he panic, and that is when he killed the child. new york police describe what happened when officers confronted him. >> they found the door to the suspect's apartment slightly ajar with the boy inside. when detectives asked where the boy was he nodded toward the kitchen where detectives observed blood on the freezer handle of the refrigerator. >> police greater than greater than he suffocated the child and dismembered his body. he has reportedly confessed to the crime, and charges now are pending. the little boy cozy funeral is scheduled for sometime today. coming up, people in one montgomery county neighborhood woke up this morning to their
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cars being vandalized. what police are calling it a hate crime. >> and it was a big attraction to the u.s. women's soccer team was a big win to send them to the world cup finals. >> and big changes that could be ahead for casey anthony when she gets out of jail in four days. >> absolutely not taking the children out of their home. >> plus, should obese children be taken away from their parents for protection? a controversial topic drawing a lot of attention.
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>> a new commentary in the country's leading medical journal is sparking a controversy among parents. >> it's as parents of extremely obese children should lose custody of their children. >> the question is whether they should lose custody for not controlling their child's weight. the child would be placed in foster care were the doctors believe they would receive better meals and regular exercise. plus we talk to a mother believes taking a child away is the worst thing you can do. emily thornhill, seen here in her senior high school picture
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tipped the scales at 450 pounds. her mother says she was born with a medical condition. >> she had no idea. she constantly felt hungry. >> her obesity causes diabetes, which cost foot ulcers. she ultimately died when she became infected with mercer. despite the death, betty opposes sending obese children like her late daughter into foster homes. >> you do not take children away from their family less their family is abusing them. >> in "the journal of medical association" the writer says foster care should be considered. he points to the 2 million extremely obese american children who have conditions like diabetes, breathing problems and liver problems that often kill them by age 30. a success story -- 14-year-old alexander draper, who weighed 555 pounds when south carolina officials took him from his mother. he was placed in foster care where he dropped 200 pounds in the past two years.
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>> if this is what it takes, in a very extreme case, i would be in favor of it. >> i do not think that is right whatsoever. i think it is decision of the parents. >> when should avoid taking children away from the past families at almost all costs, i would hope. >> the controversial in britain, child obesity has been a factor in several child protection cases with experts arguing foster care should be considered if parents are neglectful or reject efforts to control an obese child's week. -- weight. >> thank you very much. the topic is getting a lot of attention on line. here is what viewers had to say on our facebook page. you can get in on this
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discussion on or on our facebook page. >> for the folks taking part in that debate, here is something for them to consider. a new nationwide initiative aimed at offering healthier eating initiatives. the program was announced this morning at the national press club here 19 restaurant chains including burger king and ihop will add mills to their menus that focus on lean protein, low fat dairy, fruits, and vegetables. >> it is exciting that restaurants are rising to the challenge of creating items for the whole family, items that not only the taste buds but also improve our waistlines and help our bodies, give our bodies the nutrition they need. >> to be part of the program restaurants must offer at least one children's menu item with fewer than 600 calories. for details on where to find for dissipating websites, log onto our website -- for participating of websites, log on to our website
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sometimes we have had storms coming through with ferocious winds. this was ferocious rain and also lightning. let me take you out. this is our weatherbut in time lapse. another warm day today. warm humid day. this is the end of it, though. i mentioned the risk of thunderstorms. boy, did we see those come true. now, skies had cleared again. this is the official rainfall down a national. over an inch, and new ones coming in. many areas as i showed you earlier, were over 2 inches of around arlington, and that was the reason that these storms came through with the torrent of rain causing some localized flooding. but look at the temperatures to our north. syracuse, 73. best of all, look at that low humidity. do points in the 50's and 40's, and it really is refreshing. over the last 24 hours, there is
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that line coming through, but our winds turning into the northwest. from here on in, we will continue to see showers and thundershowers move to our south. folks in to st. mary's county that is the area still catching it right now. you can see that line over the last couple of hours that has been moving to our south. not only with heavy rains, look at the lightning now closing in on lexington park. while that one is diminishing the other one still causing a lot of cloud to ground lightning to the rest of fredericksburg. there still could be more power outages as we go through the next hour or so. in our high for local futures can cast, you can see how things by 7:00 really are pretty much out of here out of the eastern shore. overnight tonight, here is how things look. look at the clouds moving to our south. by tomorrow morning you will notice the difference with the low humidity, a lot of sunshine. it will be a delightful day and a quiet day as well. temperatures continue to fall
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overnight. many spots will be into the low 60's. noticeably low humidity. a lot of sunshine tomorrow. some spots across northern maryland. temperatures will be into the low 60's. 68 to maybe 70 degrees in town, but it will be one of those days with a sparkling blue sky, nice northerly breeze. the big thing will be the comfort, the low humidity. temperatures tomorrow in the low to mid 80 cozy, but again with the sparkling blue sky, it will really be comfortable. best of all, not only comfortable, but quiet whether right on into the weekend. the week and still looks great with a lot of sunshine. some increase in humidity as we get back into sunday, but none of the ferocious weather we have had again today, and as always, we have it all for you there. live radar. we have been tweeting about the
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warning. flooding will subside as we go to the morning hours, and tomorrow what it would be nice. >> thank you. here's a look now at what is coming up tonight in abc 7 prime time. "a charlie brown special" tonight. then "the middle" on at 8:30. followed by "modern family," " happy endings," "beyond belief," and abc news at 11:00. >> coming up, the home run derby. for the first time here from one fan directly about what the heck he was thinking about. >> and he brings college athletes and young people together to fight the spread of aids. hear how this week's harrises heroes project works coming up. >> who says girls just want to have fun? these girls want to win.
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celebrations from d.c. to germany as the u.s. women's team advances to the world cup
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>> it was a nail biter of an afternoon as the u.s. women's soccer team pushed its way closer to winning the world cup. >> they took on france in the semifinals and showed just what they are made of.
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caroline had to go out and join the fans in west washington for all the excitement. >> it was standing room only. >> i actually took off work today. >> women and men young and not so young. >> are you suggesting that i'm old? >> these diehard soccer fans knew the stakes were high. the u.s. in distance of its first world cup since 1999. >> they were doing so well so we had to come out and support them. >> from start to finish, a roller coaster of emotions. right off the bat, team usa dropped ago, but france quickly came back to tie it. and dominated most of the game, barely missing goal after goal after bowl -- goal. for this crowd, it was a nail biter until the end. finally, the u.s. scores again. once again with the help of
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their superstar, they scored one more for the road. for a 3-1 victory over france. >> they showed some true grit. they really did. my heart was up here, and they did it. three shots, three goals. it was awesome. >> they are on to the finals, and that the team wins on sunday they'll be the first team to win three women's world cup titles, and you can bet this crowd will be watching. >> of course, tim will have all the highlights from the big game coming up in sports. >> so fun to see everybody getting excited. coming up, oprah has a new important role. >> plus, police are investigating car vandalism in one montgomery county town as a
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hate crime. we will show you the damage next. that a sham marriage to get a green card and up in murder. the story is coming
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>> drivers in one montgomery county neighborhood woke up with spray-painted cars and slashed tires. >> the vandalism happen on whim
5:30 pm
first-rate, and because of what was written on the cars, is being considered a hate crime. >> this pickup truck is one of the ones that was graffiti. it has been cleaned up, but it had a homophobic slur written all across the side. you can see that the tires on this side have been cut, and is typical of what we're seeing in the neighborhood. i can see four other cars from where in the also had their tires cut. >> she found her tires slashed when she tried to had to work. >> we were all pretty angry. i did not go to work today. it is just not really fair. >> her neighbor who did not want to give his last name founded his spare truck had been spray- painted and its tires slashed when he got home at 3:30 in morning. >> i thought there was only me until i woke up and found out was the old neighborhood. >> he is not exaggerating. all, this community, the story is the same. hires are slashed, and graffiti
5:31 pm
sprayed on at least 20 cars. it is on road signs too, and since it includes swastikas and language of hate along with civil vulgarity, police are classifying it as a hate crime. >> i think somebody is either really angry or really board one or the other. dam it theresa lost two tires on her car. one bit of good news came mid- morning when she and others realize that with a mild solvent, they could wipe the paint off the cars and off the side. even so, damage is estimated at $20,000. phil says he cannot afford to replace its two big suv tires. iliana is putting in a police claim and hoping police catch the culprits and make them pay. family said the paint was cleaned up easily, but you can see that it's still left in the image of a swastika on this sun in the community. people here are really upset. police said they are investigating. they know of about 20 vehicles
5:32 pm
but suspect there will be more reports one people come home from work denied having made repairs without calling police in the morning. right now, they have no suspects. >> thanks. another look at our top story this evening. fast-moving storms causing damage in our area. fast-moving floods in alexandria, and in southeast washington a branch of a tree brought down onto a car the smashed through the windshield and barely missed a female driver inside. officials say they kept busy with emergency calls. >> a woman seeking help at an employment office said she was locked up in a room, forced to watch pornography, and nearly sexually assaulted. the alleged incident happened in a nail. the 41-year-old victim said she escaped by saying she had to use the restroom. the 72-year-old suspect faces two counts of forcible sodomy. mammon new reports say there have been 25,000 -- is in
5:33 pm
airport since november 2001. a house meeting was held criticizing what were called the security deficiencies, but the tsa says the high number is misleading and includes even minor incidents like someone accidentally leaving the bag behind. >> a brother and sister went on trial today for the 2009 murder of a local pizza shop owner. now, what prosecutors say led to the murder. >> alison, this is a story about one woman, five and then, a sad and for all of them. prosecutors say it all revolves around emigrants' pay for a sham marriage. a result of murder in one case and in another suicide. >> at first authorities assumed the august 2009 murder was about random robbers who managed to gain access, but in court today prosecutors said the dead owner of a store and robinson, 28, worked out a green car deal for
5:34 pm
him to marry his brother for payment of $2,000 a month. prosecutors say when the brother found out robinson was sleeping with other men, he became angry, and when immigration authorities did not believe the marriage was real, he told his brother to stop paying. prosecutors say robinson tricked the elder brother into letting him in his store. she slept in her brother and her boyfriend and robbed the place of thousands while the men stabbed and hammered the man to death and set him on fire. at the time, he had been a popular store owner. >> he was a nice man. >> before it was over, even a married d.c. police officer who had had an affair with robinson was dragged into the case. he was suspended from the force and committed suicide before he was scheduled to testify before a grand jury. again, on trial here are a sister and brother.
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her boyfriend was said by prosecutors to also be involved but he pleaded guilty and is now the government's main witness against the other two. >> thank you, sam. a new d.c. inspector general's report says officers did nothing wrong when they gave charlie sheen a police export this past april. it was criticized, saying they should only be used for high- ranking political leaders like the president or visiting heads of state but today's report said such police escorts are routine. the reported offer recommendations for future police exports such as collaborating with other police agencies. a whole new look is coming to declare 10 metro plaza. arlington county working with the washington metro officials want to add new ceiling walls along with removable tables and chairs. it also planned to build covered bicycle parking and improve the
5:36 pm
landscaping. the project is set for completion in spring of 2012. if you want to see a picture of the new designs just go to our website, >> really different greater than the beltway is back open after a construction accident led to some problems this morning. police say a crane and a high- power line. that live line fell across all lanes of the beltway near i-66. crews shut down the interstate for hours while the workers removed the power line. all lanes will be opened shortly after 4:30 a.m. time now for a check on the current traffic situation. >> we are dealing with some heavy delays out there right now, income and whether, interstate delays a lot heavier than usual. if you are heading from d.c. into virginia, third street tunnel is heavy from new york avenue all the way to glee road. then, about 95 dealing with some heavy delays here let's look at
5:37 pm
the beltway. this is that old georgetown road, normally only slow on the into the. very heavy each way. much heavier than usual delays, but at least all your travel lanes are open. on 270, had the right now as you make the trip from montgomery village avenue, but all the travel lanes are open. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. coming up, montgomery county proposal has a lot of people fighting back on facebook. >> if you cannot even discuss the issue, how will you ever be able to stop it. >> this week's hero is teaching local youth and fighting the aids epidemic at the same time. >> coming up a 6:00, relieving news for parents. the standards have been decided on your child's toys. what they will mea another good thing about geico is, they've got, like, real live people working there 24/7. so like say you need to report a claim, alright.
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>> getting college athletes to find time in their busy schedules to do volunteer work is no easy task. getting on to talk about hiv and aids prevention is an arguably even tougher one but one local man has managed to both of these and is the topic of this
5:41 pm
week's harris' heroes. this might look like a simple game of golf ball, but 24-year- old tyler spencer is leading a game of hiv attack. >> because they are learning, the kids are learning about hiv without realizing it. >> after spending a few summers in south africa, spencer wanted to come home and tackle -- tackle the epidemic in the nation's capital. >> we learn that it is common in the sea, so much that we're shocked when we hear the actual statistics. >> to work at the nonprofit grass-roots project to teach local kids about hiv and aids prevention. he recruits local college athletes from georgetown, george washington, and howard universities to coach the students. >> african-americans are the number one ethnicity or race affected by these but women also. >> since 2009, grassroots
5:42 pm
project has trained more than 200 athletes to teach about hiv and it has passed that lesson on to more than 1000 students. >> the program is about the relationship we build with the kids the information they give them, but also saying that you're here, you care about them, and the issue. >> in addition to running the grassroots project tyler is also a rhodes scholar studying at oxford and working to quantify and measure just how much the kids are learning over the course of the program. >> that is impressive. thank you. coming up next, casey anthony's big changes when she gets out of prison and what jurors are now facing. >> it seemed like it to 20 minutes. >> and that man who almost felt going for a home run ball talks about his experience alongside the brother who helped the people
5:43 pm
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casey and they will walk at the jail this sunday, and it appears she is so scared for her safety she is considering a drastic
5:46 pm
makeover. >> that is one of several late details surrounding this case that gripped the nation. >> with the not guilty verdict casey anthony will walk out of jail this weekend and into a , a type of witness protection program with the help of those closest to her. what a jury decided she did not kill her 3-year-old daughter, there was such public outrage sources say there was and still is real concern for her safety. there are reports once out of prison anthony will change her name move to an undisclosed location, and she is even considering cosmetic surgery. >> you come home and everyone is mad at you. >> after handing down the not guilty verdict directory jennifer ford, said public hostility is high. she said prosecutors did not have the hard evidence the jury needed to convict, but many spectators, she says, do not understand. them awake at letters from people that are hateful and nasty. >> in other is the mukasey anthony's mother is off the
5:47 pm
hook. the search for information about chloroform on the family computer was different then what anthony initially told police. she told them she did not look it up, but prosecutors have decided they will not press forward with purser -- perjury charges against her. another legal problem awaits anthony when she leaves prison. the search and rescue team that spent thousands of dollars searching for her daughter is suing, saying the mother . >> the bill for the search was more than $115,000. the rescue group argues that when casey and they said in court that her daughter died in a swimming pool, she admitted her daughter was never missing. >> there were opening arguments today in the perjury trial of baseball great roger clemens who is accused of lying to congress about using performance enhancing drugs. in opening remarks prosecutors
5:48 pm
said natal's and cotton balls given to them by his trainer tested positive for dna and anabolic steroids. an attorney for clemens says the trainer fabricated evidence in order to blackmail the baseball star. >> a baseball fan says he knows he is lucky to be alive after taking a tumble at the home run derby last night. keith carmichael was hoping to grab a home run that was hit when he climbed up onto a table next to the railing. he reaches out but tumbles over the edge. sec, his brother and a nearby fan scramble to grab him by the arm and the ankle. >> i step on the latter there and tumbled over board before i even realized it happened. >> it seem like it took 20 minutes but it was actually just a couple of seconds. it seemed forever. everything slowed down. >> enough for them to manage to pull the man to safety. carmichael and his brother had already caught three balls that game. the brothers plan to sell the other ball on ebay and give the
5:49 pm
proceeds to the fund set up in honor of the firefighter who fell and died at a ranger's game in texas. >> today, oprah winfrey announced she will become chief executive officer as own also known as the oprah winfrey network. she will be the company's third ceo since its debut in january. first ceo left because of low ratings. ober said today she is ready to dedicate her full creative energy and unleash its full creative potential. she will take over in the fall. >> a look at what we're working on this evening. big issue for tourists. delays along the metro line. now, mattresses and has its maintenance schedule laid out for the whole next year, so we will look at how well they could be kept. and another meeting under way to raise the debt ceiling. the latest on that issue coming up to 6:00. >> we have had such an act of whether afternoon. lots of heavy rain. >> that is right. bob keybanc is in on it.
5:50 pm
>> certainly quieting down around us. let me show you live doppler. there is that line just moving of the extreme southern tip of st. mary's county and calvert county. still to the south of fredericksburg. you folks there in the northern neck of virginia catching it. that still is a warning to spotsylvania and down into other parts, but that is in effect until 6:00. there's one other shower you can see, but really, things are quieting down, and tomorrow, we will be seeing a lot of sunshine, but it will be comfortable sunshine with very low humidity. what a difference tomorrow. temperatures into the mid-'80s. not only that, but it continues on into next week and the weekend. you can always come by you can always check our radar and we keep you posted with the
5:51 pm
tweetse right along side everything. them a good deal. they are getting the highest television ratings and 1999. it is great to watch. the united states women's soccer team got another dramatic win today in germany, and the stars of the pitch advance to sunday's title game against japan drawing attention and billing excitement like 1999. united states lost a lead in the second half with this goal. fluke? maybe. that is what the fans were saying. looking for the header, but the game tied at one. the usa made some changes. she does it again. her third goal in three games. the game winner. i mentioned alice morgan -- how about this -- morgan had not scored the entire world cup, but with fresh legs and a nice move, she kicked it over the goalie. united states beat the french
5:52 pm
and advance to sunday's title game for the first time in 12 years. meanwhile, the second game, japan beat sweden 3-1 in the other semifinal and will play the united states sunday at 2:00. let me take you out to santa clara. the san jose are quick in an exhibition with england. when was the last time you saw a goalie score a goal. left side of your screen. regally in his pro debut steps up and unleased his kick from the top of the box. 90 yards. the big bounce, yes but they never saw it. he thought he over kick everybody and walked away. the goal of the week. let's go to golf -- the best defense a course has is the wind, and when it kicks up, it is a monster. the course at st. george's digs up today. a steady 25 miles per hour winds and occasional rain. that also will be an advantage to roy mcelroy who plays the course is a lot, but even he does not like the wind.
5:53 pm
>> so the wind will kick up, and this will be a big factor tomorrow because the greens are fast. if you miss the greens, you are really looking at a couple extra strokes. going be fun to watch. it all starts at 4:00 a.m. in the morning. be there tomorrow to watch. >> the guy who did that goal -- it was his debut? >> his professional debut. he kicked it 90 yards and turn immediately, said he over kick everybody, and never saw the goal. >> how about that. coming up next, you will find out who else is fighting
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5:56 pm
>> montgomery county facing some serious opposition to its teen curfew proposal, but it is not coming just from teenagers. >> making it law that kids have to be home by a certain time that night has really stirred up a hornet's nest.
5:57 pm
i have to tell you -- on facebook, more than 1000 people have signed up bowling they will be at a public hearing on the 26. even some parents are not crazy about it. the montgomery county chatter is rigid curfew chatter is heating up. >> obviously, i do not like it. >> i think it is kind of restrictive. i'm houseparents know whether kids are, and it helps kids get home by a certain hour, so i think it is a good idea, and i know it works. >> the proposal to have kids home by 11:00 p.m. weekdays and midnight weakens has hit facebook with a vengeance. a new page rallies young people to fight. one says he is assembling a rebel army to take out the county council. another says one county executive goes to his church, so it will talk to him. >> if i was a young person, too i would be upset but there were a lot of things as a young person i grew up and did not like, but ultimately, it worked in the interest of the community. >> police a juvenile crime has not really increased, and a
5:58 pm
curfew would help keep it that way, but the national youth rights association which has also joined the fight says curfew's do not work. >> there have been a number of studies that look at the effect of curfews in d.c. and around the country. not a single study has found that they actually do anything. >> then there are those who say lawmakers have overstepped their bounds. >> as my father used to say nothing good goes on after midnight but let the parents make that decision, not the government. >> the curfew does not apply to incorporated jurisdictions like rock fill in gaithersburg. their own governments would have to sign on as well. >> the penalties would be fine for parents and community service hours for kids. d.c. and prince george's county both have curfews. they say they are a good thing. find out more of how it will apply here at the public hearing on the 26. >> all right good deal. thanks. that will do it for abc 7 news at 5:00. coming up with 6:00, metro announces long term plans to get track work done, and it is all
5:59 pm
it out online for commuters but will be plans stay on time? >> we continue to watch developments in the deadly attacks in india. details next. >> and more about the debt ceiling just a couple of weeks from now. more coming up a 6:00. allied and in hd this is abc 7 is a 6:00 on your side. what a wild afternoon it has been for the weather. >> lightning and lots and lots of rain attack the region. the good news, though -- it is almost out of here, finally. store it 6:00, big stores followed by a big change in our weather. >> first, was left of the storms in the area. bob is in the weather center, and has the latest. those nasty storms are just about out of here? >> they really are. they are still to the south of folks around fredericksburg. here is the regional, our skin over the last couple of hours. you get an idea of that line


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